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HEARTCORE Collection of AUTHENTIC Original Unique Custom Tutus for ALL Legends.

Heartcore Legends Creations are NOT your average tutu. If you are wanting to stand out from the crowd, i can promise you came to the right place.

Custom your own dream skirt or Choose one from our variety of styles.

Heartcore encourages individuality & being your complete self always. We are ALL beautiful in our own unique way, embrace it & Rock it! 

Made to order, Passionately Handmade with love in Sydney Australia By Bridget Power.

Custom your Own


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Rainbows & Unicorns


PuNky Tutus

Long & Mid Length

Ombré HighLow Tutu


High Low TuTu

Blue & Teal Tutu's

Pink Tutu's


Purple Tutu's

High/Low tutu’s

High/Low Tutu Collection

Ombre Highlow tutu

Ombre Highlow Tutu collection

Dancer Love Tutu’s

Dancer Tutu Collection

Bridal Tutu’s

Bridal Tutu’s Collection

Blue & Turquoise Tutu’s

Blue & Turquoise Tutu’s

Long & mid Length Tutu’s

Long & mid Length Tutu collection

Black Tutu’s

Black Tutu collection

Short Tutu’s

Short Tutu’s

Rainbow Tutu’s

Rainbow Tutu Collection

Unicorn Tail Tutu

Unicorn Tail Tutu Collection

Birthday Party Tutu’s

Birthday Party Tutu’s

Purple Tutu’s

Purple Tutu Collection

Punky Princess Tutu’s

Punk Princess Tutu’s

Adult Tutu’s

Adult Tutu Collection

Pink Tutu’s

Pink Tutu Collection

Red Tutu’s

Red tutu collection

White & Beige Tutu’s

White & Beige Tutu Collection

SALE:Beanies $15 including shipping


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