Tutu Sizing Chart

Tutus are all made on a satin ribbon and tighten with the bow so they are adjustable and actually fit a range on ages in the one size, sizing is more for the tulle length.

Short tutu’s generally sit 3” above knee, 3/4 length sits below the knee & full length sits at the ankle, this may vary slightly depending on the height of the person, if you want the tutu to sit at a certain length please contact us first to give us measurements. 


kids 0-1 • (Waist 17”) (Length 7”)

Kids 1-2 • (Waist 18”) (Length 8”)

Kids 2 • (Waist 19) (Length 9”)

Kids 4 • (Waist 20”) (Length 10”)

Kids 6  (Waist 22”)  (Length 11”)

Kids 8 • (Waist 23”) ( Length 12”)

Kids 10 •(Waist 24") (Length 13")

Kids 12 • (Waist 25") (Length 14")

If you don’t see your size, please choose the custom size option and enter in your waist and desired length.

For the HIGH/LOW Style Tutus, if you could please measure

(You can always send me an email with measurements later)

To measure:

1) Front~ Measure from waist down to the desired length above knee.

Measure in a straight line down.

2) Back~ measure from waist down to desired length (midcalf)